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New Solutions for architectural,  landscaping and urban desings...

Considering rapid population growth, developing technology  and industry, the pressure over the ecosystems created by human increases day by day and causes the extinction of natural environment and the loss of self-renewal power of nature.

On the other hand, gradually increasing awareness for enviromental issues since 1970’s has helped the development of new approaches and technical measures in many areas.

By following these requirements and developments, Ekoplas®, founded in the year of 2010, provides solutions and its own products in different categories for the sake of overcoming the inadequacy in products used for architectural and landscaping purposes, creating enviromentally friendly, green, eco-cities and spreading the aesthetics of green to all cities.

Environmentally friendly, Green, Eco-Cities are our future for sustainable life!

Ekoplas, dünyada mimari ve peyzaj alanındaki ürün yetersizliğini ortadan kaldırmak, çevreci, yeşil, ekolojik şehirler oluşturmak ve yeşilin estetiğini tüm şehirlerimize yaymak adına farklı kategorilerde tamamıyla kendi üretimi olan ürünler ve çözümler sunmaktadır.

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